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Then you've got a power plant.

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Bright Sunday offers commercial and industrial customers complete solar PV systems for self-consumption with zero upfront investment and savings from day one.

Our offering includes installation, a flat-rate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), and comprehensive services for up to 70% cost savings. Zero investment. Zero maintenance.

We work with trustworthy local installers, use premium products, and ensure a seamless transition to solar through real-time monitoring.

Bright Sunday is a cleantech investment company making the energy transformation easy and profitable for commercial and industrial customers.

Our core business is to offer self-consumption solar PV systems with zero upfront investments (so-called Power Purchasing Agreements, PPAs). We are also offering add-on services such as leasing of electric vehicle chargers, energy storage and heat pumps.  

Bright Sunday was founded in Sweden in 2016 and currently operates in Portugal, Spain, and Sweden. 

We are financially backed by Niam Infra Fund, an infrastructure fund with the European Investment Fund as one of its main investors. This support gives us the capacity to serve businesses of all sizes. There is no upper limit.

Customer cases.

Bright Sunday has customers spread across multiple industries located from north to south and east to west.
PV system size varies according to consumption needs but ranges from 75kW to over 3 MW.

Jamon Salamanca

Jamon Salamanca is on a decarbonization journey. Now supported by a 2 MW solar PV system with zero investment.