Solar PV systems for self-consumption.





Instead of you making a large upfront investment in Solar PV, we install the system and you will get the carbon free electricity produced by the PV system under a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

The PPA offer is a service agreement which means it can be accounted for off-balance sheet, as a cost. It’s as easy as buying electricity from the grid.

We are truly specialized in this, which means that system installations are fast and as lean as they get. Your to-do list is very short; some health and safety equipment and building permits (and we’ll help you to sort those out as well).

In most cases the savings start in 2-6 months – any differences are determined by the location. Installing on a rooftop differs somewhat from setting up your power plant above a parking space or in a field.

When the installation is finished, everything is very predictable; you pay only for electricity produced and there are zero hidden costs as the price per kWh includes everything.

Our flat pricing is the key to cost control and simplified budgeting. And to give you an idea of the savings; data from our existing installations are pointing to a reduction of costs up to 40%.

But we have measured reduced energy costs of up to 70% in favourable conditions. The bottom line is; cost will be low and predictable and yes, most of you should expect savings.

We work with trusted local installers and we take care of everything from system design, installation, cleaning, service and insurance so you don’t have to.

We support you wherever you are on the Península Ibérica. The solar PV system can be installed where it suits you – rooftop, hangars, carports or on the ground. And to make your installation complete, we may also include e.g. batteries and electric vehicle chargers.

We can also offer you support with roof renovations or similar before the system is installed. Do you want to expand, move or buy the system at a later stage? We’ll help you out and keep your options open.

And just to state the obvious; a worry-free installation requires premium products from established brands. Which should come as no surprise, as we are responsible for everything.

We follow all health and safety protocols and will conduct quality inspections before, during and after the construction and provide you with the documentation you need.

And we make the following promise; we will build your installation to work without hickups. And it’s our responsibility to make it work. It’s all included in the price per kWh.

Experience the efficiency of Bright Sunday’s rapid installation process, bringing you cost savings in as little as 2-6 months. Our commitment to a seamless transition means you can focus on what matters most — your core business.

We hide absolutely nothing. You will be able to monitor the electricity production closely. We gather 500 data points every 5 minutes. Around the clock. Every day of the year.

Once the PV system is turned on, we will conduct periodic physical checkups, monitor the system in real-time 24/7 and share production data with you. A healthy installation delivers more efficiently and saves you more. It’s just that simple.

Solar as a Service
by Bright Sunday
Leasing by Bank Self-investment
Zero upfront investment
Off-balance sheet (cost)
Service & insurance included
System performance control
Predictable savings

The process for getting carbon free electricity at a low flat price is simple.

– We meet, we talk and draft the offer.
– We design the system and set up the contract.
– Let’s close the deal.

– Paperwork; permits, registrations and licenses
– Project outline; health and safety planning
– Site inspection

– Your location is prepared
– The PV system is installed
– After a thorough inspection: Time to go live

– You may follow production 365 days per year
– Performance, maintenance and repairs
– For your annual report: Yearly production and COimpact

– You contribute to decreasing global warming.
– You save money from day 1.
– You will not be hit by sudden energy price increaes.