With our Sale Leaseback offer you can sell your solar PV system to Bright Sunday and turn a fixed asset into a worry and carbon-free energy service.

In short, we buy your solar PV system. You get the money. It stays where it is and we make a deal where you buy the electricity it produces.

We boost your financial power and we take care of the solar PV system.

What are the benefits by selling my solar PV system?

If operating a solar PV systems is not part of your core business it will look in capital that can be used in other parts of your business.

Your team cam also completely focus on your core business and doesn’t have to spend time on making sure the solar PV system continues perform long term.

Release capital

Boost your financial power by releasing tied-up capital outside your core business.

Solar PV systems lasts for a very long time and we will offer you a good price for your system.

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Decrease Operating Expenses

Say goodbye to operating costs like maintenance, repairs, and insurance to keep your solar PV system long term operational.

Bright Sunday owns and operates many solar PV systems and will secure that you will continue to get carbon free electricity.

Decrease Risk

Shift technical performance risks to Bright Sunday as they are experts in handling solar PV systems.

Even if solar PV systems last for a long time with relative low risk, we allow you to reduce it to zero and focus on your own business completely.