May 17, 2024

Boosting Bright Sundays expansion with a new sales organization.

Daniel Nilsson has been appointed as Chief Sales Executive at the cleantech investment company Bright Sunday.

Boosting Bright Sunday expansion with a new sales organization - New Chief Executive - Daniel Nilsson

Daniel Nilsson has been appointed Chief Sales Executive at the cleantech investment company Bright Sunday.

Daniel is bringing a lot of experience from the solar PV business in Spain and Portugal. He has been responsible as CEO and Managing Director for both developing large-scale solar projects as well as scaling up residential solar PV businesses in the Iberian peninsula. The combination of understanding the key success factors for large solar projects as well as creating an excellent customer experience for residential solar PV customers will add a lot of value to Bright Sundays expansion. 

As Chief Sales Executive at Bright Sunday Daniel will build a sales organization that initially will focus on current markets Spain and Portugal but soon also other markets in Europe. 

“Daniel brings a valuable set of skills and experience to our leadership team. Daniel has headed international operations in the Mediterranean countries in the real estate and clean energy sectors for more than 20 years. This forms a perfect background boosting sales in Iberia and our expansion to other markets in Europe”, says Bright Sunday CEO, Niklas Engström. 

Bright Sunday has a strong financial backing through Niam Infra Fund, an infrastructure fund with the European Investment Fund as one of its main investors. Last year the focus has been on building a solid technical platform that supports scaling up our operations. We are now increasing our focus on taking out our offerings to the market.

Bright Sunday’s core business is to offer commercial and industrial customers self-consumption solar PV systems and ancillary services such as electric vehicle chargers and energy storage with zero upfront investments and savings from day one. Currently Bright Sunday owns and operates a portfolio of more than 70 solar PV systems in Spain, Portugal and Sweden with a total effect of more than 20 MW.
“A key success factor for achieving our growth targets is to ensure that we are clear in our offerings and deliver outstanding experience for both our EPC partners and customers. Daniel Nilsson will have a clear role in that effort”, Niklas Engström says.