October 23, 2023

Bright Sunday enters a partnership with Triodos Bank.

Bright Sunday enters a partnership with the #1 ranked bank globally, Triodos Bank, to finance clean energy projects.

The collaboration means more funding to assist companies that want to reduce their CO2 footprint but don’t prioritize or feel they have the capacity to allocate people or money for this. 

In addition to reducing greenhouse gasses, Bright Sunday’s customers have reduced their total energy costs. Right now the average new Bright Sunday customer will cut its electricity costs by 41%, with zero upfront investment, when entering a 15 year solar PV Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

“It is not always easy to prioritize cleantech investments in a company, given many other business needs,” says Bright Sunday’s CFO, Erik Strandberg. “Bright Sunday’s partnership with Triodos Bank further strengthens our financial capability to genuinely assist any company  with high business and climate ambitions.”

“We have solid financing from our main shareholder, Niam Infrastructure, and their lead investor, the European Investment Bank,” says Bright Sunday’s CFO, Erik Strandberg. “This collaboration will further support our growth.

Bright Sunday can offer a wide range of Solar-as-a-Service solutions (PPA – Power Purchase Agreements) to support various needs of commercial and industrial clients. The new collaboration will give Bright Sunday an even better ability to support businesses of varying scales, ranging from local enterprises to large multinational corporations operating across multiple countries, as they strive to reduce both CO2 emissions and operational costs.

Miguel Angel Amores, Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologies Manager at Triodos Bank Spain, says, “Thanks to the size and diversification of the portfolio, we can efficiently provide project financing. The long-term energy sales contracts allow companies to immediately reduce their energy costs without making investments or taking on debt. In this way, we facilitate decarbonization for all types of companies, which is key to accelerating the energy transition.”

About Bright Sunday

Everything we do at Bright Sunday aims at lowering CO2 emissions on a global level by making the cleantech transformation easy and profitable for commercial and industrial customers. Our business is to offer cleantech as a service – PPA (Power Purchase Agreements) – with zero upfront investments and savings from day one. 

We use premium products only and we take care of licensing, installation, maintenance, insurance and monitoring.

Through partnerships with leading local installers and maintenance partners we make our services available globally. Bright Sunday currently owns and operates a portfolio of 70+ solar PV systems.

Bright Sunday’s is a privately held company and largest owner is Niam Infrastructure with the European Investment Bank as one of the key investors. 

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Niklas Engström, CEO Bright Sunday