October 13, 2023

New customers in Spain reduce energy cost with 41% in average

The average new Bright Sunday customer will cut its electricity costs by 41%, with zero upfront investment, with our solar PV Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

“We have recently offered some customers in Spain 75% savings, but that is not very common. 41% savings is an average”, says Niklas Engström, CEO at Bright Sunday. The savings of course depends on the specific situation, for example geographic location and if panels are built on ground, roof or carports.

Offering significant cost savings from day one is not all. What sets Bright Sunday apart is its commitment to leveraging extensive data to optimize energy production from installed solar PV systems. All systems are connected to a central monitoring system through a mobile 5G connection completely separate from the customer’s internal networks, making it safe from IT-perspective. With more than 500 data points continuously flowing into its database, Bright Sunday can instantly act on any alarms and fix most issues remotely but also optimize performance over time. This way, energy production and customer cost savings are maximized.

“We are capturing all basic energy data, but also important metrics such as equipment temperature and real time solar irradiation from satellite measuring services. This way we can determine what each system ideally should produce at any given time. Comparing this with measured data on actual production gives us information on how to optimize production performance both short term and over time”, says Niclas Martinsson, CTO at Bright Sunday.

Bright Sunday’s ambition is to become a long term partner for commercial and industrial customers on a mission to cut both CO2 and costs. Having all the relevant data is key for success in this work. 

About Bright Sunday

Everything we do at Bright Sunday aims at lowering CO2 emissions on a global level by making the cleantech transformation easy and profitable for commercial and industrial customers. Our business is to offer cleantech as a service – PPA (Power Purchase Agreements) – with zero upfront investments and savings from day one. 

We use premium products only and we take care of licensing, installation, maintenance, insurance and monitoring.

Through partnerships with leading local installers and maintenance partners we make our services available globally. Bright Sunday currently owns and operates a portfolio of 70+ solar PV systems.

Bright Sunday’s is a privately held company and largest owner is Niam Infrastructure with the European Investment Bank as one of the key investors. 

For more information:

Niklas Engström, CEO Bright Sunday