Solar PV at Carina food-factory

Since 1988 Carina has been dedicated to the manufacturing of Deep Frozen Pre-Cooked Products. After a period of affirmation and growth in the last 3 years,  Carina decided to use our Solar as a Service to further enchance the recent development. Together with our partner Ecoinside we delivered a Solar PV system on the factory roof, delivering electricity with zero emissions directly to the manufacturing. As a bonus Carina can enjoy over 10% savings from day one.

Alumínios Vieira + the Sun = True

Alumínios Vieira has 40 years of experience in molding aluminium. During this time they have developed high level of quality. Together with our partner Sinersol we delivered a Solar PV system on the factory roof, delivering electricity with zero emissions directly to the manufacturing. As a bonus Alumínios Vieira can enjoy around 40% savings from day one.

Molding the future with sun

Since 1978 Sedlom have developed and manufactured precise engineering molds for the plastics processing industry. Clients include companies within the vehicle industry, household goods and packaging. Together with our partner Sinersol we delivered a Solar PV system on the factory roof, delivering electricity with zero emissions directly to the manufacturing. As a bonus Sedlom can enjoy over 40% savings from day one.

Amplifying their sustainability profile with solar PV power

Since 1928 Cerâmica Torreense has delivered a wide portfolio of structural tiles and today the company has five manufacturing units, transforming 400,000 tonnes of clay. The company aims to have such low carbon footprint possible from their products. As part of their sustainability journey they have converted all use of fossil fuels into more sustainable ones. In addition to this they have optimized their processes to minimize the usage of water and minimize waste.

By installing solar PV panels at one of the manufacturing units Bright Sunday are now part of the next chapter of sustainability work at Cerâmica Torreense. And delivering 40% net savings from day one at the same time!

In addition to the initial installation, Cerâmica Torreense have now decided to extend the partnership with Bright Sunday even further. This by installing just over 300 kW’s at one of their factories.

Novel factory needs fresh electricity

1982 Joriscastro was established and has ever since delivered top quality funeral urns. In the beginning the 17 employees delivered urns only to Portugal. Since then the company has grown and are now exporting their products to several countries around the world. Their latest addition to creating the best products possible is the partnership with Bright Sunday. We made sure that Joriscastro could enjoy green electricity from the sun by financing the installation of solar PV panels on their roof.

Sustainable production for many years to come

Somelos located close to Guimaraes north of Porto, is a family owned group of twelve companies in the textile industry, with clients all over the world in the upper mid market range. Carrying on the legacy of over 50 years in the market, Somelos is now entering the future by letting their production be powered by the sun.

Bright Sunday together with Ourseal, our technical partner, makes it possible for Somelos to install solar PV panels at their private industrial park, with an area of 300,000 square meters. Delivering savings from day one, both Somelos, their customers and ultimately all of us will benefit from this for many years to come.

Charcuteries made with solar power

Alberto Carnes is a true family company and right now the 4th generation is leading the company into the future of meat and charcuterie with the best quality. Founded in 1920 the company now has over 100 years of experience and made large improvements to secure the growth going forward. The latest partnership with Bright Sunday and our technical partner Sinersol lets their facility in Pedroso power their production with solar power. At the same time they can enjoy 40% savings!

More money to the things that matter

Since 1995 Centro Social Recardães have been a central part of Recardães. The organization has different areas of action, where one of them is daycare and preschool of around 200 children. The organization also takes care of the oldest population, keeping the schedule full with activities and home care. By letting Bright Sunday and our partner LUTCHE Engenharia install solar PV panels on their roof Centro Social Recardães now can ensure quality education and care powered by the sun.

45% cheaper electricity from day one

Vidreira Ideal do Fundão has almost 50 years of experience in the glass industry. Since the beginning Vidreira Ideal do Fundão have kept development and innovation close to heart to make sure they always are delivering cutting edge products. A recent development is the installment of Solar PV panels on the factory roof. The investment was done by Bright Sunday and together with our technical partner Trilhos Energéticos we can deliver sustainable electricity to the factory for many years to come.

Gomes & Leite enjoys 50% savings from day one

Gomes & Leite are specified in manufacturing great footwear. Since 1976 they have delivered moccasins and other leather shoes worldwide. By following their company values, including high customer satisfaction, innovation and great quality, they also want to have an ethical and responsible manufacturing.

To improve this even more, Bright Sunday together with our partner Ourseal have put solar PV panels on their roof, delivering sun fetched electricity and savings from day one.

Suits powered by the sun

Since 1964 IRSIL have delivered top class suits made from their factory in Portugal. By installing solar panels, IRSIL can enjoy savings from day one and manufacture their suits powered by 100% solar power.

Mining with the power of the sun 

North of Porto, MIBAL, commissioned by the Portuguese state, has the task of producing different types of gravel and sand in the most sustainable way possible. Bright Sunday happily financed the installment of solar panels at their factory together with our partner Ourseal.

Dying fabrics more sustainable with the sun

Since Tons Púrpura was established in 2007 the company has delivered a wide range of high quality fabrics. With Bright Sunday financing the project and our technical partner Sinersol installing solar panels on the roof of the factory, Tons Púrpura now can enjoy delivering a more sustainable product. In addition to this they will have savings from the first kWh produced.

Shading cars with solar PV-panels at Regia Douro Park

Bright Sunday together with our partner Ourseal have extended the partnership with Regia Douro Park, strengthen the business park’s sustainability profile. Shading the parking spaces with solar PV-panels is the the lastest addition to produce renewable energy at the park. Now both employees and guests can enjoy meetings generated by renewable energy, and cool cars on the way home.
Regia Park includes 28 companies and all of them are in some way involved in the wine making business in the Douro valley. This means the grapes will be powered by sunshine before, during and after they are picked.

Filarvina gets new energy

Filarvina is a Portuguese pork roaster and retailer in the Aveiro region. The company will be able to decrease their electricity consumption from the grid by 18% the first year after Bright Sunday financed their solar photovoltaic system.

Greener hardwood floor 

Castro & Filhos is a 50 year old family owned maker of high quality wood flooring. As such, they’re not only concerned with the regrowth of the forest but also to deliver green and environmentally friendly products. This now includes sustainable electricity from solar panels installed by our partner Sinersol and financed by Bright Sunday. For Castro & Filhos, this means cost savings and a lower carbon footprint from day one.

Apples and wine need sunshine 

This cooperative has ideal conditions for high quality apple and wine production. The same weather conditions will now allow a significant decrease in electricity bought from the national grid as Bright Sunday has provided financing for a solar PV system installed by our partner Ourseal.

Getting long term growth

Working with more than 30 fruit producers and producing almost 5 000 ton apples, pears and cherries per year, Lapifrutas has always been focused on quality to ensure their long term business. This includes respect for the environment, sustainable agriculture, origin tracking and monitoring of the entire process with its partners, meeting certification and standards issued by the European Union. Bright Sunday now plays a small part in this after financing a solar system to fuel the production going forward.