Amplifying their sustainability profile with solar PV power

Since 1928 Cerâmica Torreense has delivered a wide portfolio of structural tiles and today the company has five manufacturing units, transforming 400,000 tonnes of clay. The company aims to have such low carbon footprint possible from their products. As part of their sustainability journey they have converted all use of fossil fuels into more sustainable ones. In addition to this they have optimized their processes to minimize the usage of water and minimize waste.

By installing solar PV panels at one of the manufacturing units Bright Sunday are now part of the next chapter of sustainability work at Cerâmica Torreense. And delivering 40% net savings from day one at the same time!

In addition to the initial installation, Cerâmica Torreense have now decided to extend the partnership with Bright Sunday even further. This by installing just over 300 kW’s at one of their factories.

LOCATION:Campelos, Portugal
MODEL:Production self consumed
ENERGY PRODUCED, year 1:1984 MWh (1,230 kW)
CO2 REDUCTION, year 1:484 tonnes